Toy Story Baby Shower

Last weekend my friends and I threw a Toy Story themed baby shower for our good friends, Eileen and Brian, and their anticipated little boy.  The couple are big Disney fans so it was only natural the theme had to derive from a Disney movie.  The details were so cute that I had to share them with all of you!

Mini cheesecakes from Sweet Embellishments, and cake by Abs of Cakes.
alien cookies
Cookies by Abs of Cakes.
Mr Potato Head bar
Mr. Potato Head baked potato bar.
army diaper cake
Lil Army men guard the diaper cake.
chest of props
Toy chest full of photo booth props.

The food was Western ’cause that’s what cowboys like Woody eat (in my best cowboy voice).  We named all the food after Toy Story characters like, “Wheezy Mac-N-Cheezy”, “Lil Green Soldier Beans”, and “Rex Rib Tips.” My friend Abigail decorated the dessert table and designed the cake and alien cookies.  The mini cheesecakes and mini cupcakes were from Sweet Embellishments Dessert Bar.  The caramel apples were from California Snack Food.  We also made a cast of Eileen’s belly and had people sign it as the guestbook but I didn’t get a picture of that =(

The mom-to-be’s sister was responsible for putting together the entire event of 70 guests!  I was glad to be a part of it and help out.  I think my friends and I are starting to get better at pulling parties together.  It’s something we enjoy and I am happy to see the celebrants so excited.  Congratulations Eileen and Brian! It’s a Boy Story!

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  1. sarah says:

    love the toy story theme! how festive… props to abs for the fun cake 🙂 the baked potato bar is genius!!!

  2. Kiki Reef says:

    That whole set up looks really professional!

  3. Thanks! Abs' cakes are great. I almost felt bad eating Mr. Potato head!

  4. Thanks Kiki! Especially coming from the professional!

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