Hi! I write about my favorite meal of the day, brunch! Most of the time I only get to enjoy brunch on the weekends but when I do, I love the experience of leisurely starting off with a cappuccino, working my way through brunch and ending with a couple cocktails.

My name is Christine. I have a Masters in Business, worked in the coffee industry for 10 years, but I figured out that I loved cooking and sharing food with others more. I also love to explore my city, take photographs, and share it all on my blog! My husband and I have two daughters and since having them, we have given up the night life and endorsed the brunch life. We live in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

I love to entertain and cook for others, so this blog is filled with the best brunch recipes, coffee recipes, and cocktail recipes for yourself or a group of friends and family.

-Christine Raitt

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