Hello! I’ve been away for a bit because of my new bundle of joy, but I’m back in the blogging world and I’ve missed it! I have been active on Instagram (because I’ll admit, I’m addicted), so if you don’t follow me there here’s what I’ve been up to.

Lots of coffee for sleepless nights, our date night at the JT concert, strawberry croissant-doughnuts, picking out color swatches for our new abode (which I’ll talk more about soon), Christmas cards/Birth announcements, and a whole bunch of baby goodness!



Say, “hello!” to the newest member in our family! Madeline Judith Ver Raitt. Andrew and I both fell in love as soon as we laid eyes on her. Born on my birthday(!) we named her after her two grandmothers. Madeline is a variation of my mom’s name, Magdalena, and means woman from Magdala (a city in biblical times). Not to mention, one of my favorite cookies! And her middle name, Judith, is in memory of Andrew’s late mother.

The labor went incredibly fast. I began having contractions at midnight on the morning of my birthday. While some of my friends were greeting me at midnight, I was timing my contractions to make sure I was going into true labor. I had a feeling a couple days prior that I would be having her within the next 48 hours because I started having symptoms like I was going to start my period.
After beginning contractions at midnight, I was ready to go to the hospital by 1 am because they were getting very close. By 5:30 am, the doctors said that I was already fully dilated! Madeline wanted to get out of there! It took a while to get my epidural done so I was in incredible amount of pain and all my breathing techniques and yoga meditations went out the window. By the time the epidural kicked in at 5:30 am the doctors decided to let me get a few hours of rest before I had to push. She finally came out at 10:20am.
What a way to kick off my thirties and the new year! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! She is growing everyday and we can’t wait to watch her grow up and teach her about the world. Andrew and I are so blessed and thankful for all your warm wishes.  Love, Christine and Andrew

Any Day Now

Motherhood is approaching quickly.  I’ve been feeling so anxious lately while waiting for the baby to arrive that I’ve been up late at night thinking, “she’s coming tonight” or, “she’s coming in the morning.” These photos definitely don’t reflect the anxiousness that I’m feeling inside =D, but hopefully what I will be feeling after she arrives, relief.  Then, onto the next chapter in our lives.  Wish me luck!

Lusting Over: Summer

Here I’ve compiled a list of a few kitchen essentials for the summer.  For this summer I will need, in order, ice cream, BBQ, and an icy drink.  I thought long and hard about these items on my essentials list and yes, I will need all of them 😉
1. Threshold Margarita Glass set of 4 – {$19.99} Perfect for entertaining and keeping your guests cool during those scorchers.

2. Steak and Hamburger BBQ rub – {$19.95} Making things easy on yourself is the key to good entertaining.  Buy a rub and just sprinkle it on your burgers while they cook on the grill.
3. Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker – {$24.95} Sometimes you just gotta go back to your childhood days and treat yourself to a popsicle.
4. UCO Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker – {$21.27} This is the coolest (no pun intended) ice cream maker ever! Just add ice cream mixture and ice and rock salt in a different compartment then let your kids or your dog “have a ball” with it for an hour. Voila! fresh ice cream! Perfect for those camping trips.
5. Salud Pitcher – {$29.95} I can’t imagine summer without fresh lemonade, sangria, or iced tea.  Pick out a pitcher that lets people know there’s a cool, summer refreshment in it.
6. Pink Lemonade Biodegradable Spoons – {$2.50} Have you ever thought of the perfect ice cream spoon? I have. Don’t judge. Stainless steel spoons cool to the temp of the ice cream leaving a metallic taste in the mouth.  These have just the right dip and come in all sorts of fun colors!

There’s my kitchen roundup for this summer! Remember to keep cool and spend it with friends.  Those make the best summers.  What’s on your essentials list?

A Few of My Favorite Things

I want to start by wishing everyone a Happy and Joyous Christmas Eve!  This time of year always makes me feel so happy and thankful for all my loved ones.  I hope everyone is able to spend the holidays with the people they love.
This year I created a Crafty Christmas for our home.  Brown paper packages tied up with string… Gifts were wrapped in craft paper with festive bows and string.  I love wrapping presents.  I’m all over it this season.  I think I bought around 8 new rolls of ribbon to a already large collection.  Would you call that an addiction?
I love the look of craft paper.  It is versatile and classic.  A pretty ribbon will make the craft paper stand out, or instead of a ribbon you can use string or, my favorite, baker’s twine.  Use craft paper as a belly wrap for colorful and patterned gift wrap.  Out of handle bags? Put your gifts in a brown lunch bag with some festive stamps on the front.  Complete your look by using washi tape.  Come in as I take you into our home for the holidays.
I wanted the tree to have a similar look so I decorated it with burlap, raffia ornaments, and glittery ornaments.  Find more pictures of our tree on Instagram! #RaittTree
Hi Ella!  She loves hanging out near the tree.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!