DIY Pancake Bar

DIY Pancake Bar

Create a do-it-yourself pancake bar with fresh fruit, different jams, syrups, and fun toppings so everyone can have customized pancakes with little effort on your end.

I love hosting some kind of build-your-own bar. Remember this margarita bar I hosted? I’ve also done a grilled cheese bar and a avocado toast bar. I find it easy to set out ingredients and let everyone have at it. It makes my job as a host super easy!

Here’s how simple you can make it. Use a boxed pancake mix and set the ingredients out on the table for everyone to build their own short stack. Make sure the butter and the syrup are at room temp. I also bring out jams if people prefer those to syrup. Cut up fruit and other toppings.

pancake bar

I made a cute pancake bar for Madeline’s first sleepover. It was perfect for little girls. They had the ability to customize their own pancakes. I also imagine this would go well for any occasion including Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend (hint, hint).

I set out cut strawberries, cut banana, blueberries, raspberry jam, lemon curd, softened butter, and maple syrup. Then let everyone go to town.

Make it more fun by adding sprinkles, candies, chocolate syrup, or anything else you might have on hand.

DIY pancake bar - fresh fruit set up for topping pancakesDIY pancake bar - present topping on a board and let everyone top their pancakes to their likingbuild your own pancake bar Continue reading “DIY Pancake Bar”


Savory Bread Pudding

Savory Bread Pudding with Butternut Squash and Kale

savory bread pudding with butternut squash and kale

This savory bread pudding recipe is made with butternut squash, kale and chicken sausage is perfect for breakfast or brunch. I’ve even had it as a side dish to my dinner as it’s similar to stuffing during Thanksgiving. It’s a great make-ahead meal. You can make it the night before and warm it the next morning.

You can definitely substitute what you have available in your fridge. I imagine bacon, and any hearty veggies would be good in this also. It can also be made vegetarian if you leave out the sausage or bacon. I then covered the dish in gouda cheese and baked it until melted.

savory bread pudding recipe

First, I cooked all the veggies and meats and toasted the bread. I then combined everything in a large mixing bowl with the cheese and custard.

sesame seed loaf for savory bread pudding recipe

I used a 12″ sesame loaf from a local baker. Any crusty bread like french bread or country bread will also work fine.

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The Hart & The Hunter

Last Sunday I organized a Blogger Brunch with local food bloggers.  We had a great meal at The Hart and the Hunter, a new restaurant in the renovated Palihotel on Melrose Ave. And guess what? It’s also a new fEATure!

I’ve been here for dinner and weekday breakfast and loved both, but brunch is where it’s at!  The biscuits are a must when dining here no matter what meal.  They come with 3 different spreads. Try all three together or separately.  I really like the pimento spread, spicy and cheesy! The biscuits are so buttery and soft, they are truly melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
I ordered the fried green tomato and crab eggs benedict ($18).  It was so decadent! The crab was deliciously fresh, and acidity in the green tomato added a bit of balance to the buttery hollandaise sauce and the perfectly runny yolk. Perfect for sharing!

Barbecued oysters and shrimp ($18)
I forgot what this was called but it’s a apple dumpling with bacon inside and cheddar cheese on top.  It’s a breakfast twist on a classic American treat!
Anastasia from Simply Delicious Photography, Kiki from Dinner With Kiki, and Susan from Park This

Pecan praline pancakes with maple syrup and butter ($10)

Jamie from Green Beans & Grapefruit, Sarah from Sarah Bearclaw, and Puno from punodostres

Chicken cracking sandwich with fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and avocado ($13). I love the chicken cracklings paired with crisp veggies.  I welcome chicken skin cracklings in place of bacon any day!
Thanks to all the food bloggers that joined me for brunch! It was so fun getting to know all of you.  I’m already looking forward to the next blogger event!
Looking to join me for a future event? I welcome bloggers and foodies of all kinds! I’d love to eat with you! Join me at Los Angeles Food Bloggers.
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