Stumptown Coffee Roasters

There aren’t many coffee shops that I would travel for. Actually just one. Stumptown Coffee Roasters. When I was in Portland and Seattle a few months ago it was the number one thing on my list of places to visit. When I was living in New York I would go there often on my lunch breaks. And when I was in Palm Springs a few weeks ago I barred the horrendous heat in search of their iced cold cup of brew. I am so happy they finally opened up a location in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. It’s about time!
Kimchi spam musubi croissant by Chef Sharon Wang of Sugarbloom Bakery. One of the delicious treats they offer.
If you didn’t know this, I am fanatical over coffee! Not that I’m addicted (because since my pregnancy I have been drinking mostly decaf). I just love the taste, the smell, the essence of coffee. What I love more actually is the coffee culture. It’s a culture that I can’t describe. When I meet someone who really knows and understands what true coffee is supposed to taste like (not no Dunkin’ French vanilla, with whipped cream and sprinkles crap – sorry Dunkin’ lovers) I feel like I can relate to the purists. I feel like the coffee culture are tastemakers and creatives; they not only understand coffee but their own palate and styles. Like good food and good design, they know that the star ingredient should not be covered up by tons of other ingredients but should excel on its own if not accentuated. I could go into the properties of a good cup but I won’t bore you with the details. I just love the vibe of artisan coffee shops!
I always like to ask people what they drink at coffee shops because I think it is a reflection of their personalities. I normally get a cappuccino – 2 oz. of perfectly roasted espresso with 3-4 oz. of frothy, velvety, steamed milk. What do you think that says about me?
Again, I am so happy Stumptown expanded to Los Angeles.  I’ve been waiting for this for years! They are still in their soft grand opening until they have all their systems in place. Keep an eye out for their grand opening soon to come!
806 S. Santa Fe
Los Angeles, CA 90021
everyday 7am-6pm

Iced Latte with Homemade Almond Milk

I would have never thought to make my own dairy-free milks until I was researching the VitaMix and came across the recipes on their website.  From that moment on, I swore never to buy any rice, soy or almond milk from the store again since it was so easy to make at home!
First, you must soak the almonds overnight.  There are some recipes that say you don’t have to, but just look at how plump they are after getting this extra treatment.  Having fresh almond milk for my coffee is so delicious!  There is a HUGE taste difference from the fresh and the boxed version.



1 cup raw almonds
2 cups filtered water + 3 cups filtered water
2 Tbs. honey 
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 shots of espresso or 1 cup of double-strength brewed coffee

Soak the almonds overnight in 2 cups of filtered water or until they are completely immersed in water.  

The following day, drain the almonds and put them into the blender.  Add 3 cups of fresh filtered water, honey, and vanilla extract.  I like mine a little sweet but you can definitely leave the honey out.  

Blend, then liquefy for a few minutes.

In a small mixing bowl (large enough to hold 5 cups of liquid) or in a large measuring cup like mine, position a clean kitchen towel over the cup.  Make sure you use a kitchen towel that has very little lint residue. Secure the cloth with a rubber band and make a dip in the towel for the milk to go in.  Slowly pour in the milk.  Simultaneously stir the milk around with a spoon to encourage it to seep through the cloth.  Pick up the cloth and with all your buffness, squeeze out the rest of the milk.  

Pour the milk in a container and let chill.  You can freeze and save the almond pulp for cookies.

If you have an espresso machine, pull two shots of espresso and pour over ice.  Pour 1 cup of fresh almond milk over your espresso and serve.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, brew the coffee grinds in half the amount of water so that it is extra strong. Pour the coffee over ice (in a non-glass container).  Since you are pouring it over ice, the ice will melt down and bring your coffee back to its normal strength.  Top it off with almond milk like how you would normally cream your coffee and serve.

Enjoy this milk with your cereals, in smoothies, or in anything you would use regular milk for.  I experimented with Kahlua and it was UH-mazing!  I’ll have to post that recipe soon.

It is perfect for raw food enthusiasts and vegans or anyone who is lactose intolerant or has milk allergies.  Almond milk is remarkably healthy and has lower calories than dairy milks.  I am completely addicted!  I bought a large bag at Costco for $8 that should make me about 27 cups of almond milk.  What a deal! Try it and let me know what you think!